Whole Home Wi-Fi

When your home Wi-Fi
isn’t enough…

Wi-Fi has become a critical part of your home network that you rely on each and every day. Your laptops, smart phones, tablets, web cams, smart TVs, gaming devices, and even your thermostat(s), all connect to your Internet connection via Wi-Fi.

Often, we don’t think about the increasing number of devices that we are connecting to our Wi-Fi. Historically, we relied on wired connections to do the heavy lifting, but, in today’s wireless environment, we need a reliable, secure Wi-Fi network to provide coverage throughout your home.

Learn about the least technology Trans-Video now provides to our loyal customers in the video below!

Quality Wi-Fi for Your Home

Improved coverage and performance maximizes speeds and your overall coverage and capacity by introducing the latest Wi-Fi 6 Mesh technology, creating a seamless network of access points.

Extended Coverage

Establishes a coordinated Wi-Fi network using mulitple access points to create a “mesh” or net of coverage around your home.

Easily Scalable

By adding access points to increase coverage where it’s needed, your home’s Wi-Fi system becomes completely customizable. Scale up or down as your needs change.

Seamless Connection

Intelligent client and band steering features ensure seamless handover while moving around your home with your laptop or devices.

How it Works…

In one quick visit, Trans-Video Cable will install multiple wireless access points to maximize coverage in your home. Unlike almost all other companies that provide whole home Wi-Fi systems, Trans-Video does NOT charge a monthly fee for maintenance to your equipment.


Trans-Video will provide you will a free estimate to determine how many units you may need in your home, and a two-week trial period free of charge.

Units are available to purchase. Each unit costs $80.
Installation is $50 for the first hour. Installations typically take less than 30 minutes.

These TP-Link X20 devices will provide the additional access points around your home, strengthening your Wi-Fi signal.