Our Story

Our Story

For over 65 years, Trans-Video has been providing the greater Northfield, VT area with the best-available communications services and unparalleled customer support. We have evolved as the industry has, continually investing in the latest technology. Today we are proud to offer our customers digital cable television, high-speed Internet access and phone service with the kind of personal service that only comes from a local, family-owned company.

Humble Beginnings

It was 1951, and word was spreading fast that George Goodrich Sr. and his buddies had found a way to watch the Saturday night wrestling events on TV.

At the time, the closest TV broadcasting station was 100 miles away in Schenectady, NY, and the reception wasn’t available down in the valley of Northfield.

In order to watch the fights, George Sr. loaded equipment into one of his milk delivery trucks and drove to the peak of a nearby mountain to receive the far away signal.

It goes without saying that the people of Northfield wanted in on the exciting action. Luckily, George Sr. owned the local phone company in town and had access to all of the telephone poles in town. Soon, he began wiring homes with cable all over town and the first cable company in Vermont was born.

Aerial View of Northfield c.1950
Aerial View of Northfield c. 1950


The Beginning

Trans-Video became the first cable system in Vermont and the 14th in the country!


Introducing the World Wide Web

On the brink of the new millennium, we became one of the first cable company in New England to provide high-speed Internet service.


Launching Phone Service

In 2007, we began providing VoIP phone service to customers giving us three great services to offer.


Massive Upgrades

Last year we overhauled the entire cable system to provide advanced broadband access, bringing Northfield Internet speeds comparable to major cities across the country.


Keeping Up with Technology

We are now in the planning stages to increase Internet service which will provide 1Gb symmetrical service to all customers. (1Gb = 1000Mb!)