Frequently Asked Questions

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GeneralInternetCableConnection Issues

What is the cost of an installation?

There is a one-time installation fee of $40.

How long do installations take?

Installations can take anywhere from twenty minutes to one hour. Installations include evaluation and verification of the quality of current cable connections, installation of the modem and Ethernet card (if necessary), and system configuration.

We understand that having trouble connecting to the Internet can be a frustrating experience. If you do not find the answer to your question or continue to experience problems, please do not hesitate to contact technical support.

My computer seems to be working normally, but I can’t connect to the Internet.

Have you checked to make sure all of your modem’s cables are properly connected?
The modem has three cables. You need to make sure:

· The power cord is connected to the modem and to your wall socket or your power strip.

· The power is on to your wall socket or your power strip.

· The coaxial cable connector is screwed fully into the back of the modem.

· If you are hard-wired to your computer make sure each end of the Ethernet cable is securely attached.

My connection speed seems slow. How can I check it?

You can check how fast your Internet connection speed is using our Speed Test.

Can I have more than one computer hooked up to my modem?

Yes, depending upon which Cable Modem you choose, you can connect additional computers either through a WiFi signal or a wired router.

Our Wi-Fi modems include a built in 4 port router for your hard-wired devices.

An additional router can be purchased and is very similar to a multi-outlet power strip. Once the router is connected to the modem, additional computers can be connected to the router in order to share the Internet signal.

Can I use my own cable modem?

Yes, as long as the modem is DOCSIS 3.0 compliant. Once you sign up as a Trans-Video customer we will just need a few numbers off the back of the modem (HFC MAC ID). When we put those numbers in the system you’ll be all set!

Why can’t I create a server of my own?

Trans-Video provides Internet access for a very modest fee and we allocate our bandwidth on the basis of how residential and business users traditionally access Internet services. Servers consume a much higher chunk of this bandwidth — a burden which is unfair to require all users to shoulder. Individual servers slow down service for everyone.

Oh, No! Do I Have a Virus?

For virus protection, we recommend that users obtain and keep current virus scanning software.

Symptoms of viruses vary. If your machine all of a sudden loses Internet connectivity, seems incredibly slow and is acting strangely it may be indicative of a virus. Some viruses install software that destroys your files, or makes programs vanish. Some present messages on the screen and then erase themselves. Others install secret “back doors” that send your personal information, including credit card numbers, to sites in other countries. Many make copies of themselves and send themselves to everyone on your email list with a catchy subject line to induce your friends into opening and installing the virus — and the process continues and the virus spreads to hundreds of thousands of computers. Please call us with any questions you may have about viruses and how to best protect your computer.

Some of the ways to avoid viruses are:

Obtain and install virus protection software. And learn how to use it effectively.

Keep the virus protection software up to date. This generally requires downloading update files frequently, and subscribing to the software manufacturer’s virus alert mailing list.

Never open an attachment to a mail file that you did not expect to receive. Even then, scan it with virus protection software before opening it.

Scan every piece of software you receive. Especially downloaded files (including movies, images, and sound files) but also word processing documents or other files you might receive on a disk, CD or portable hard drive.

What are the benefits of Cable TV service compared to satellite service?

Trans-Video offers free service calls for cable-related problems as well as the convenience of dealing with a local company that’s easy to reach and appreciates your business. You do not have to purchase any equipment or sign any contracts requiring a long term commitment. With Trans-Video, local channels do not cost extra and there is no unsightly dish installed on your home to maintain.

Do I need any additional equipment to receive cable TV service?

Yes, every TV with cable service requires a set-top box. The set-top box provides access to the i-Guide and is needed to view any premium channels. The first box is provided free of charge. Additional boxes can be rented for $4/month.

Can I install my own set-top box?

Yes, they are very simple to install. If you have ever installed a game system or DVD player, you can probably install a set-top box in less than a few minutes. They come with easy-to-follow instructions or you can view the installation video.

Do I need to have the wiring in my home replaced to receive Trans-Video cable service?

No, in most cases, cable and internet will work over the existing cable lines in your home. If necessary, we will replace or upgrade any wiring or equipment issues at no cost to you.

Are all channels digital?

Yes, since 2019 all channels for all customers are delivered in 100% digital format for the best picture quality and full stereo sound.

What are “Digital Music” channels?

Stingray digital music offers a collection of about 25 commercial-free, high-quality music stations programmed by category — from 70’s Rock to Jazz, Classical or Country — it’s all there! And, best of all, the digital cable receiver is specifically designed to hook up to your stereo or stereo TV.

What is the interactive on-screen program guide (i-Guide)?

The interactive program guide (i-Guide) is a faster, easier way to find the programs you want to watch. Scroll through listings by time, channel, or search to find what you want to watch. Here are some of the more popular features of the iGuide:

Search: Allows you to interactively search to see what is currently on, as well as being able to scroll hours or even days in advance on each channel.

Favorites: The Favorites feature allows you to quickly access the channels you have designated as your favorites. You can create up to five unique Favorite lists, which can be named with the on-screen keyboard.

Reminders: You can set Reminders so you don’t miss shows you want to watch.

Mini-Guide: Allows you to watch television and view program listings without leaving the program you are watching or going to the full-screen guide.

Parental Controls: Allows you to restrict viewing and purchases of TV programming based on your viewing preferences. Set a personalized 4-digit PIN and you can place locks on selected ratings, channels and titles. You can also hide adult titles from being displayed on the screen.

If your computer can’t connect to the Internet, the most common remedy is to reboot your Cable Modem.

To do this you’ll need to:

Unplug the power cord to the modem, wait at least 30 seconds and plug back in. Once all 4 lights are steady, you should be all set.

If you have an external WiFi router, follow the same 30 second rule for powering it off. If you still can’t connect, give us a call.